Fairy Decor for Your Home​

Majestic, mischievous, impish, tiny, sparkling, bright… These are all words that can be applied to a certain mythical creature that’s garnered its share of attention over the years through books and movies.

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Fairy Decor for Your Home


Majestic, mischievous, impish, tiny, sparkling, bright… These are all words that can be applied to a certain mythical creature that’s garnered its share of attention over the years through books and movies. That creature is a fairy, and while its purpose and appearance can vary depending on what source you’re reading or your preference in story atmosphere, they’re distinctive beings that can bring character to your home through décor. And the beauty here is that whether you prefer light themes or dark, a fairy can be either while it decorates your home!

Whatever brand of fairy you prefer, if you adore them half as much as I do, there are strategies available for showcasing that adoration within your own home. Assuming you’d want to go with a more adult approach than hanging a series of Tinker Bell posters though, you might have dig just a bit deeper to come up with the right methods of dazzling up your living quarters with fairy décor enough to let the theme be obvious to your visitors. If you find yourself in that boat of unknown possibilities, not sure where to begin assembling your fairy accessories, here are some tips to look into in order to pixie up your home!


First of all, you might want to invest in some fairy figurines, and there are so many to choose from—ones that look innocent, sinister, peaceful, and other adjectives that could each bring a different feel into your home. For a darker theme, choose ones that reflect the more sinister side of fairy lore, ones with dark colors, weaponry, or vicious animal companions. For lighter décor, choose ones with pastel coloring, smiles, or contented expressions. You can set these figurines all over your house, but one interesting possibility would be to forego the dishes in your china cabinet in favor of having a fairy collection there. You can add villages and buildings that are fairy-based to go along with the notion, but just a series of the figurines themselves would provide an interesting deviation from the standard china cabinet showcasing—one that could highlight your appreciation for the winged, mythical beings in a unique and beautiful way.

From there, let’s think about how to decorate your other shelves within your home. Sure, you could continue with fairy figurines, but there are alternative options that you might want to consider to vary things up. With that idea of variation in mind, one of the best prospects for your shelves could be to employ fairy lights. You could string them around the shelves or line each shelf with them, but there’s also the possibility to utilize mason jars for this design detail. If you fill a mason jar with fairy lights, the resulting effect could look as though fairies are hiding away within those jars, like they’re living right on your shelves. If you don’t want to go with the mason jar idea, any clear container could work—like a bowl, a vase, or a candleholder—to seemingly sprinkle fairies across your rooms via shelves!

Along with these lights and figurines, there are more fairy details that can make their ways onto your shelves. One of the simplest ones to partake in is to add fairy books to one, as if it’s your official collection of fairy lore and stories. These books could be children’s stories of fairies or more sophisticated works of the history of their myths, but the point is to showcase your appreciation of fairies through this literary addition to the décor. Make sure you’re presenting those books on a shelf that allows enough visibility that visitors can see what they’re about in order to grasp that fairy concept, and you might think of using fairy bookends should the shelf be more free-standing than shelf-number-three on your five-layer bookshelf.

Furthermore, if you’re the type of person who has a Christmas village around the holidays, this is yet another space that’s capable of embracing that fairy feel of your home décor—this time, with very little effort! Just replace your Christmas buildings and scene setters after the holidays with fairy village options, like buildings, bridges, mushrooms, and figures. You know the space is ready for a village display given that you used it for that purpose during the holiday season, and that aspect makes it a clear possibility for displaying your fairy interest. It’s an opportunity literally being cleared for use once the holidays wrap up, so take advantage of it to display your fairy interest!

Now that we have your tables and shelves considered, we’ll move on to your walls—and there are a variety of options for bringing fairies into your wall décor! A simple online search can turn up a number of wall decals that depict fairies or fairy-based scenes, and standard things like posters, paintings, clocks, and tapestries can be purchased in the right color and setting to display the type of fairies—mean or kind—that you want to showcase. Best of all for this wall detail? These pieces of fairy décor can be spread throughout your entire home—anywhere you have a wall! So if you’re going to embrace any decorating option to bring your fairy theme to life, you might want to decide to focus on these wall possibilities as they can go in every single room you have, should you wish for them to.

With your walls now pixied up, you can focus on other small factors that can reinforce your fairy theme. These details can show up in multiple rooms—magnets in your kitchen, a shower curtain in your bathroom, a fairy lamp in your living room, a fairy comforter in your child’s room, and a fairy journal waiting on your nightstand—and their impact in the overall fairy theme is hard to dispute. Thanks to them, fairies can exist throughout your whole home!


Another any-room prospect to consider is the addition of tiny fairy doors that can be placed at the bottoms of your walls. The representations of these doors will create the visual that a fairy is living within your walls, like fairies are not just being displayed in your house, but dwelling there like the fairy lights accomplished on your shelves. Sure, fairies don’t actually live there, but it’s hard to dispute the impact such a notion could have in making your home feel like a fairy world! It can add a magical element to the living space, which is precisely what a fairy theme should do!

For a bigger choice in regard to your fairy décor, think of putting an indoor fountain in a room that’s spacious enough to include it, one that’s the right color scheme to embrace the attitude of the fairies you want to display. You could even pick a fountain that includes fairies on its design so that the majestic quality of the fairy is paired with the bubbling sounds of water flowing on a decorative setting—all of which combines to create that magical, otherworldly quality that fairies can be linked to. Magical, in this case, can make the fairy theme feel more genuine and beautiful, so it’s worth thinking over.

The final touches for your fairy theme can go on your front porch—like a fairy welcome mat. With one of these mats, from the moment someone is at your front door, they’re being brought into the fairy idea in a way that literally says, “Welcome!” Beyond that mat, guests can be greeted with fairy wind chimes, and a “We believe in fairies” sign to introduce them to your mythical theme and lure them into a world of fairy lore before they even step foot into your home. Together, these details could create a vivid preface to your chosen home theme and prepare your visitors for the fairy world they’re about to enter.

From your front porch and throughout every room then, there’s room to run with this fairy theme, should you choose to explore it. Let your inner child through with these decorating aspects, and allow everyone who visits to see your love of the winged creatures displayed within your home. If you do, you could find yourself living in the appearance of a fairy land brought to life with a feel of beauty, magic, and mystery—like a fairy land should be.